Here is How You Can Fix the Audio Bug in Content Warning

Content Warning (Photo from Steam)

Content Warning is trending in the gaming community for various reasons. Millions of people downloaded it yesterday as it was free for a limited time. However, there are plenty of bugs that need to be fixed, such as the problems involving the proximity chat. Thus, here are a few things players can do in the meantime to fix the pestering audio bug in Content Warning.

1. Choose the right microphone

This can often happen to players who have multiple sound devices connected. One easy example would be if you’re using Bluetooth headphones.

Below are the steps you may take to fix this issue:

  • Open Content Warning
  • Go to Options
  • Click the Audio tab
  • Select the appropriate Microphone
Audio Settings (Photo from Content Warning)
Photo from Content Warning

2. Fix via Focusrite Control

Focusrite Control is an audio program installed on most PCs. Developers of this app previously advised that their users should combine inputs 1 and 2 within the control panel. Below are the steps on how to do so:

  • Launch the app
  • Go and open “Preferences” on Focusrite Control 2
  • Check the box next to the “Combine Input 1 and Input 2” option

3. Check if the player meets the minimum system requirements

System Requirements for Content Warning (Photo from Steam)
Photo from Steam

Bugs are more likely to occur if you don’t meet the minimum systems required for this game. Double-check your PC’s specs to see if they are enough to run Content Warning.

Other simple tips include restarting the entire game or joining a friend’s party instead of hosting your own.

Overall, those are the most common ways to fix the audio bug in Content Warning. However if the problems remain the same, we only have to be patient til the developers release major patch notes to stabilize this problem.

According to their most recent blog post on Steam, they are already working on the following bugs:

  • Issues with voices
  • Connection and hosting issues
  • Issues with camera footage not extracting
  • Issues with camera footage not being visible

While game bugs are frustrating to deal with, it is important to note that Content Warning was launched only two days ago. Additionally, the game is being handled by a small developer team composed of five talented people.

Few fans are showing their love and support for the developers to combat the backlash the team is getting.

Despite these prominent bugs, many players still seem to enjoy the game. Hence, the developers thanked their community for helping the game reach six million downloads. This achievement certainly motivated them to improve the game.

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