Honkai: Star Rail Cosmodyssey Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Cosmodyssey Page (Photo from Hoyoverse)

Hoyoverse’s Star Rail celebrates its first-ever anniversary! The company is even making it more special, as they have a global event to celebrate. Another event is named Cosmodyssey. It offers a flourishing amount of rewards, but it does still require the player’s playtime. To get the most out of the event, here is a complete Honkai: Star Rail Cosmodyssey guide.

How to Unlock Cosmodyssey?

You can only participate in this event if you are Trailblaze Level 21 or higher.

Click on the “Cosmodyssey” button found in the event icon. This will prompt a text message from Pompom and the rest of the Astral Express. Continue the given dialogue, and eventually, you’ll reach the Cosmodyssey home page:

Cosmodyssey Page (Photo from Hoyoverse)
Photo from Hoyoverse

How to Play Cosmodyssey

This event is pretty straightforward. The most important thing in Cosmodyssey is to log in every day and spend all of your dice. While it may not be as exciting as MoC or SU, it does offer a myriad of mini-games.

Tile sets (Photo from Hoyoverse)
Photo from Hoyoverse

There are seven unique tiles on the board, each offering its own game mode. Make sure to participate in every single one, as it will offer Trailblaze funds and Stellar Jades.

How to get more dice in Cosmodyssey?

Dice in Cosmodyssey (Photo from Hoyoverse)
Photo from Hoyoverse

Dice are very limited and require daily dedication to play. You can get more dice by simply logging in every day.

Event Rewards

There are plenty of awards to go around, as this is Honkai: Star Rail’s anniversary gift to its players. Let’s go through them one by one:

Total Cosmodyssey Rewards

Cosmodyssey offers many rewards when you play it every day, either through Individual Contributions, Cosmic Contributions, or Objective Rewards.

Here is the total amount of rewards you can get in Cosmodyssey:

  • 1 Self-Modeling Resin
  • 940 Stellar Jades
  • One-Year Anniversary Avatar
  • Cosmodyssey Phone Wallpaper
  • 1 Tracks of Destiny
  • 50 Starfire Essence
  • 37 Traveler’s Guide (for Characters)
  • 18 Refined Aether (for Lightcones)
  • 24 Lost Crystal (for relics)
  • 560k Credit

Individual Contribution

Individual contribution(Photo from Hoyoverse)
Photo from Hoyoverse

This section is based on how much Trailblaze Funds you have collected per day. You will naturally earn Trailblaze Funds by simply playing the Cosmodyssey event.

Below are all the awards you can earn based on how much Trailblaze funds you offer to the event:

100k60 Stellar Jade
400k60 Stellar Jade
1.0M60 Stellar Jade
1.6M1 Tracks of Destiny
2.2M60 Stellar Jade
3.0M1 Self-Modeling Resin
3.8M60 Stellar Jade
4.6M60 Stellar Jade
5.4M60 Stellar Jade
6.2MOne-Year Anniversary Avatar
7.0M20k Credits
8.0M20k Credits
9.0M20k Credits
10.0M20k Credits

Note: Players can earn up to 420 Stellar Jades.

Cosmic Contribution

Cosmic Contribution (Photo from Hoyoverse)
Photo from Hoyoverse

This section also still depends on how much Trailblaze Funds you’ve offered. However, it relies more on the community’s team effort than on your own progress. Thus, this means you have to do your best to convince everyone on your friend’s list to participate in Cosmodyssey.

Below is the complete list of the rewards you can obtain in Cosmic Distribution:

  • 25% – 160 Stellar Jades
  • 50% – 160 Stellar Jades
  • 75% – 200 Stellar Jades
  • 100% – Cosmodyssey Phone Wallpaper

Note: Players can earn up to 520 Stellar Jades.

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