PlayStation 5 Sold 5x More Than Xbox Series X

PlayStation 5 Sold 5x More Than Xbox Series X. Photo by PlayStation/Sony

The PlayStation 5 is pushing further than the Xbox Series X in the sales department. This spells danger for Microsoft while Sony revels in their success.

The PlayStation 5 Still Didn’t Overcome Its Predecessor

A video game market analyst, Daniel Ahmad, posited a few interesting findings after Sony released their 2023/2024 fiscal year report.

One of the most important findings is that the PlayStation 5 sold 4.5M, trumping the sales of the Xbox Series X and S during the same period.

This points to many gamers wanting Sony exclusives over Microsoft—games like Horizon: Forbidden West, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Ghost of Tsushima, and more. The latter isn’t in too much trouble, of course. They still sold many units, especially outside of that specific period alluded to by Ahmad.

PlayStation 5 Sold 5x More Than Xbox Series X. Photo by Insomniac Games/Steam
Photo by Insomniac Games/Steam

However, there is a reason why Microsoft is closing some of its companies down despite its successes. They could possibly be looking for a way to make Xbox exclusives that can compete with their Sony counterparts.

Meanwhile, even the PlayStation 5 can’t dethrone the powerhouse that is its older brother. The predecessor still trumps its younger brother by around a million units sold. Moreover, Sony doesn’t expect the PS5 to overtake the PS4 in the next year.

The Digital Era Is Upon Us

Gone are the days of purchasing a box containing a disc and extra goodies. These are still options, but they’re not the standard anymore. Instead, many gamers look to digital distribution to purchase their video games nowadays. Physical copies of games are now a dying breed, as 70 percent of gamers purchase digital versions now—a far cry from 2015’s 19 percent.

The advent of “owning” digital games will have its caveats, especially with companies like Ubisoft taking away ownership of purchased games.

This is good news for Sony, especially for PC gamers who want more exclusives on the mouse and keyboard platform.

Do you think the PlayStation 5 is better than the Xbox Series X?

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