PSP Emulator Gets Surprising Approval For Sale On Apple’s App Store After 12 Years

PSP Emulator Gets Surprising Approval For Sale On Apple's App Store After 12 Years. Photo by Wikipedia

Having a PSP emulator on your phone is quite a convenient way to kill time on the commute home. However, the emulator, PPSSPP, wasn’t officially allowed by Apple to offer its services on its app store. After nearly 12 years of waiting, the emulator is now officially free to download on the store.

PSP Emulator Brings Gamers Back Down To Memory Lane

The days of Sony handhelds are years past, and Nintendo has dominated the market with Switch. Meanwhile, Steam is trying to wrestle into this market by offering their PC on-the-go device called the Steam Deck.

However, many can’t forget the days when they’d pull out their PlayStation Portable (PSP) and play Patapon, Grand Theft Auto, or God of War anywhere they went.

Now, nostalgic gamers can relive the days on their iPhones and iPads using PPSSPP. Admittedly, it was available to Apple users before Apple officially allowed it. However, they had to download a sideloading app called AltStore. Furthermore, it required gamers to go through hoops to install apps.

Now, you can download the emulator with a single tap—no frills, no issues. You can download the free version here. Meanwhile, you can download the gold version here if you want to support the developer. However, there’s functionally no difference between versions; the gold alternative is only available if you want to help fund the project.

Fun PSP Games To Play

PSP Emulator Gets Surprising Approval For Sale On Apple's App Store After 12 Years. Photo by PPSSPP
Photo by PPSSPP

Here are a few suggestions if you need to get the PPSSPP emulator.

  • Patapon series – A fun rhythm-based game where you control an army of small cyclops that move, dodge, and attack with the beat.
  • Grand Theft Auto Stories – Revisit Liberty City or Vice City with your choice of game, with its stories going hand in hand with PC’s GTA III and GTA Vice City.
  • God of War spinoffs – Return to form as young, arrogant, and furious Kratos as he tears Greek gods’ heads off.
  • Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker – Play as the Big Boss as he sets out to complete missions in Costa Rica. MGS on the go; who’d want anything else?
  • Call of Duty: Roads to Victory – Go through WW2 at the convenience of your PSP (or emulator.)

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