Upset Gamers Review Bomb The Crew 2 Due To Ubisoft’s ‘Theft’ Of Purchased Game

Upset Gamers Review Bomb The Crew 2 Due To Ubisoft's 'Theft' Of Purchased Game. Photo by Ubisoft/Steam

The Crew 2 is usually a well-loved game by many for its unique take on racing. However, fans have recently negatively rated the game due to its publisher, Ubisoft, stealing its predecessor away from its owners.

The Crew 2’s Recent Ratings Look Red

The end of March was a bleak time for The Crew fans as Ubisoft shut down the first game’s servers. They promised its removal by March 31 and they delivered on it. However, it turned much worse after gamers noticed the game was missing from their library.

It’s understandable for servers to go down, especially when it’s becoming more of a liability than an asset. However, it’s not entirely fair to take away the actual game from the owner’s library when they’ve already paid the money for the copy.

In response to this takedown, many angry fans and gamers rushed to The Crew 2’s Steam page to review bomb it. They protest the lack of ability to play a game they paid for.

Why Are Fans Angry?

Eurogamer details how some copies of the games were moved to the “inactive games” section of Ubisoft’s digital platform. To add insult to injury, they also included the message, “You no longer have access to this game. Why not check the Store to pursue your adventures?”

Meanwhile, an executive at Ubisoft told gamers a shocking statement in the tone of, “Gamers need to get used to not owning their games.” Philippe Tremblay is specifically talking about cloud-based subscription platforms over owning physical DVDs. However, this saying seems to apply to the takedown of Ubisoft’s The Crew as well.

This is the danger of only owning digital copies of the game as many platforms can easily take the games away. The public might not be happy about it, but there’s essentially nothing they can do.

Are you still buying Ubisoft games after this?

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