What Do We Know About Skirk From Genshin Impact?

Skirk makes her appearance (Photo from Genshin Impact)

Skirk made a lasting impression in the Genshin Impact community when she first appeared at the end of the Archon Quest Chapter IV, Act V: Masquerade of the Guilty. She brings up a lot of questions regarding the world of Teyvat and the lore of the game as a whole.

Let’s list and digest what we know about this talented and beautiful fighter.

Skirk claims that Every Gnosis Is a curse

This is probably one of the most crucial information Skirk has given us. Once the Traveller left to help the people of Fontaine, Skirk and Neuvillette got into talking. Skirk eventually ‘feels’ Neuvillette’s powers and notices the power of the Gnosis within him.

Out of everyone’s shock, she warns Neuvillette to get rid of it as it is a God’s curse and that the “remains of the Third Descender” reside within it.

Skirk's warning about the Gnosis (Photo from Genshin Impact)
Photo from Genshin Impact

In connection to this, the Fatui are known to collect all of the Gnosis from the Archons. Once they eventually gather all of them, will this result in a tragic misfortune, as Skirk warned?

Skirk is Childe’s Master

Skirk appears to collect the Narwhal and Childe (Photo from Genshin Impact)
Photo from Genshin Impact

Childe, or Ajax, fell into the depths of the Abyss when he was merely 14 years old. There, he met Skirk. She taught Childe how to survive the horrors of the Abyss and how to navigate through it.

More importantly, Skirk is the person behind Childe’s terrifying foul legacy abilities. We saw Childe’s foul legacy multiple times in the game. Recently, he transformed into this form when the All-Devouring Narwhal appeared in Fontaine. Childe also fights us in his foul legacy form when we visit him in the Golden House in Liyue for World materials.

As such, we can feel the strength of Childe’s powers. To an extent, we could only imagine Skirk’s potential since she was behind all of that.

Skirk is a powerful sword-user

Skirk talks to the Traveller and Neuvillette (Photo from Genshin Impact)
Photo from Genshin Impact

Hoyoverse will likely make Skirk a playable character in the future. Her design is very detailed compared to other NPCs in the game. Moreover, despite her short appearance, she is very popular within the community and players demand more of her. Being a playable character also means having a signature fighting style when players use her to clear Abyss floors.

From what we’ve seen so far, we can conclude that Skirk will most likely be a sword user due to her dialogue.

“I suppose I’ll have to swing my sword three million times as penance.”

Skirk from Genshin Impact

Additionally, according to Childe’s fourth character story, he described a swordsman teaching him, which could only be Skirk.

More info about Skirk from Genshin Impact

Like Childe, Skirk experienced the dangers of the Abyss at a very young age. The major difference is that Skirk never returned to the surface and thus has a different perception of reality than most people.

Lastly, Skirk mentioned her mentor, “Surtalogi, The Foul,” who she believes to be someone greater than humanity. She later mentions two more names, “Vedrfolnir, The visionary” and “Rhinedottir, Gold.” Unfortunately, we only know who Gold is. She is Albedo’s creator, Dvulin, and the whopperflowers we find in the wild.

The creation of Albedo by Gold (Photo from Genshin Impact)
Photo from Genshin Impact

With Foul being affiliated with such a powerful creator of life, we can only imagine his capabilities as well.

And with that, is all the crucial information we’ve gathered about Skirk from Genshin Impact.

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