Phillies and Marlins to Play Full Series in 5 Days Amid Scheduling Changes

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Jul 26, 2020; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Miami Marlins third baseman Brian Anderson (15) hits a three run home in the fifth inning against the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park.

Major League Baseball has had to reschedule many games due to coronavirus-caused postponements. One reconfiguration between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Miami Marlins particularly stands out. 

The Phillies and Marlins will play each other seven times in just five days. They were initially set to play four games from Sept. 10-13. Now, the series will be extended to Monday, Sept. 14, and two doubleheaders will be added. These will occur on that Friday and Sunday. Miami will host all the games.

The Marlins missed over a week of action when 21 of their members tested positive for coronavirus. They were able to get back to action against the Orioles last Tuesday. The only way that they were ready to restart as quickly as they did was signing a bunch of players. 

Marlins management had to add 17 new players to the club. These guys got picked up from waivers, their alternate training site, and off the injured list. 

They have signed so many guys that some are new even to the teamís manager, Don Mattingly, who said, ďSome of the guys Iíve never met.Ē He was unable to see his new players since he, and the rest of his team, were quarantined in Philadelphia. They could not go anywhere due to their team coronavirus outbreak after playing in Philly. 

Impact on the Phillies

As for the Phillies, they also had their season briefly suspended. The suspension happened when two of their staff members tested positive for Covid-19 after playing the Marlins. Fortunately, the number was held to two as none of the players produced positive tests. This meant that their management would not have to overhaul their roster as Miami did. 

Although their outbreak was not as bad as Miami’s, they still had to sit out a week. Major League Baseball had to make sure that no more Phillies were infected. They were able to return to action last Monday against the Yankees. 

Both teams are definitely happy to get back to action. However, both teams have tight schedules as a result of their respective postponements. 

The Phillies will have to play 36 games in the final 34 days of the season. They will only have one day off during that span on Sept. 24. 

The Marlins will have to play 27 games in the final 23 days of the season with no off days. 

Both teams have tough roads ahead. The most painful stretch for the teams will probably be their 7-game regular-season series. However, it should be interesting to see how the series plays out as this type of situation rarely occurs.

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