Red Sox Confirm Racism at Fenway Park

BOSTON - OCTOBER 5: An aerial view of the inside of Fenway Park taken during game four of the American League Division Series between the Oakland Athletics and the Boston Red Sox on October 5, 2003 at in Boston, Massachusetts

Red Sox Fans at Fenway Park call players racist names and taunt them using racial slurs.

Torii Hunter, a five-time MLB All-Star revealed he dealt with many instances where fans called him racist names.

Hunter explained that in each contract he had, he listed Boston as a no-trade clause. Hunter recalled multiple accounts with fans that involved racial slurs. On Golic and Wingo, and he says he was �called the n-word in Boston 100 times�. He also added that some comments were �from little kids, and grownups next to them didn�t say anything�. The hate brought on by the fans led him to not want to play in Boston.

The Red Sox released a tweet explaining that Hunter�s story is true. They confirmed that there have been multiple cases of racism at Fenway Park.

Red Rox Respond

Hunter showed love for the Red Sox after they released the tweet. They both want what is right, no racism at the ballpark.

Besides Hunter, former Red Sox player Kevin Youkilis said fans even attacked their very own players. He said that he saw racism towards his teammates. Youkilis spoke a bit about his experience on Fox Sports Radio.

�There was one incident where a fan came running down and was being extra harsh towards one of our black players, and I just got fed up and I stood up and told him to ‘Shut the ‘F’ up, and if you don’t like it get out of here’. I will never forget that moment because I was boiling.” 

The Red Sox have to find ways to try to avoid racism in the ballpark. Jackie Robinson, the first African-American to play in the big leagues dealt with the same thing. More players in the different leagues are speaking up about their interactions with fans and the racism they experience. Hopefully, this movement will also help the world of sports become safer and a less hostile environment.

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