Andre Iguodala discusses Stephen Curry’s impact on the NBA in the last decade

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Warriors forward Andre Iguodala appeared on the Breakfast Show recently and talked about his teammate Stephen Curry. Show host, Charlamagne, brought up how Curry revolutionized the game at large, and Iguodala expanded on that point.

“I think he changed the game. One thing he brought to the game that people don’t realize is you was looked as soft if you were having too much fun playing basketball. You look at Barkley, Mason, Oakley…it was weakness if you were smiling on the court. Steph [Curry] came and started laughing, shimmying and shooting from half-court, and now you see this trickle down effect… That’s a real generational effect from this one dude and it’s something special.”

Andre Iguodala

To Andre Iguodala’s point, Stephen Curry has spearheaded the NBA’s shift towards three-point shooting. His influence on the game goes beyond the NBA itself. Iguodala would understand better than most what that entails. His career began in a previous era where long-range shooting didn’t withhold much value. Once he arrived in Golden State back in 2013, he witnessed first-hand how Curry changed the sport.

Iguodala aided the Warriors through their dynastic run of three championships in four seasons, winning the Finals MVP award in 2015. He signed back with the organization this past offseason.

The legend of Stephen Curry

Already one of the greatest players of his generation Stephen Curry has blazed a trail for future generations of NBA talent. Though he lacked the look of an NBA superstar, his shooting prowess eased his rise to greatness. In addition, his performance keyed into a new phase of how the game is played.

Curry currently owns the record for most three-point shots made in a single season (402). Moreover, he’s the only player to have averaged over 25 points a game on 65 percent true shooting, accomplishing that feat on three separate occasions. Most notably, Stephen Curry, to date, is the only unanimously elected league MVP in history. These accomplishments and how he achieved them set him apart from both his peers and his predecessors.

While the best days for his Warriors may have passed, he may still continue to extend his legend. Curry and company will enter the 2021-22 season looking to return to the postseason for the first time since 2019. Their season kicks off on October 19th against the Los Angeles Lakers.

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