Carmelo Anthony details the difference between black and white America in his new memoir

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Carmelo Anthony added an autobiography to his already great NBA resume. The Lakers forward chronicled much of his life story in his new memoir titled "Where Tomorrows Aren't Promised."

In it, he analyzed the stark contrast between much of black and white America. Concerning the separation of neighborhoods near his Baltimore home, he referred to the white neighborhoods as "a different planet" to his black community.

"Crossing Eutaw Street was like visiting a different planet, leaving a Black world and walking into something completely strange and foreign. You saw something that you never saw in the Murphy Homes community: white people.

White people jogging, washing their cars, pushing their kids in strollers, sipping cups of coffee, out on their stoops, reading the newspaper, laughing, joking, and having a great time.

White people were some happy motherf—–s. Once I saw an old white lady with white hair wearing a white gown and playing a harp. Like, did I die? Where was I?"Carmelo Anthony

Little did he know at the time, but Anthony crossed into Bolton Hill. The neighborhood was and still is one of Baltimore's richest. More minorities moved into the area in recent years, but it is still a majority white area of Baltimore.

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Anthony went on to detail how he and a few friends were robbed back in his home neighborhood, away from the glitz and glamour of Bolton Hill.

According to Anthony, he and his friends walked home after visiting Bolton Hill to trick-or-treat on Halloween. When walking back, a large group robbed the kids of their candy.

The proximity to the wealthier parts of town made Anthony reflect upon his time growing up in Baltimore, where he accepted that black and white parts of the city rarely mixed.

"The white experience and the Black experience were so visibly different, and every time I walked across Eutaw Street, I witnessed the exchange of realities. As I grew older, I've come to learn that this was how Baltimore works.

Millionaires could live on one side of a street, and the projects could be on the other side. Those two worlds would never cross, never make friends, never acknowledge each other." Carmelo Anthony

Much of Anthony's words remain relevant in American society, especially with the unfortunate current racial and political strife trend.

"Melo" still is a player keen on reflection. For a period in the 2018-2019 season, it seemed that he would retire after a long and illustrious career. However, he kept the faith and stayed motivated during his time away from the league.

After some time in Portland, the Lakers picked him up in free agency. Despite his old age, he adds priceless experience to a Lakers squad chasing a title this year.

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