Draymond Green on the Warriors 19-20 season: “It was frustrating and it was also a mind-f–k”

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The 2019-20 season didn’t exactly go the way the Golden State Warriors hoped it would. After appearing in five consecutive NBA finals between 2015 and 2019, the team dipped to the bottom of the league. They closed out the pandemic-shortened season with a 15-50 record. Looking back on it, Draymond Green didn’t take too kindly to the Warriors’ swift fall-off.

“It was just a totally different situation that I was dealing with for the first time in my life on top of the abruptness of it. You couldn’t have told me three months before that I would go from the best team ever to the f***ing worst team in the NBA. It was frustrating. And it was also a mind-f***.”

“You’re walking in these arenas and four years you’ve been like, ‘We’re going to go win,’ and now you’re walking in and there’s actually no chance we win this game.”

Draymond Green

The Warriors forward added to his statement by admitting to a lack of interest in the game during that season. Given the predicament he found himself in, it shouldn’t raise many questions about why that was.

Golden State Warriors transition from 2019

Golden State’s fall from grace came as a result of many contributing factors. Kevin Durant ruptured his achilles during the NBA finals and left the team in free agency. Klay Thompson tore his ACL in those same finals and lost out on the 2019-20 season. Lastly, Stephen Curry suffered a broken hand early on in that season, missing most of the year.

On top of Shaun Livingston’s retirement and Andre Iguodala’s departure, each of these things left Draymond Green and the Warriors with little ground to stand on. All that remained of the dynasty was Green, playing alongside D’Angelo Russell and replacement-level players for the majority of the year.

Since then, the Warriors have slowly recovered. Though Klay Thompson missed the next season with another injury, Golden State still played well enough to stay in playoff contention. Additionally, they’ve acquired young talent through the last few drafts that they hope will assist a now healthy team get back into championship contention. We’ll see how they fare this go-around.

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