Isaiah Thomas denies rumors of him playing overseas and signing with CSKA Moscow

Isaiah Thomas Slow Grind

Only a few years back, Isaiah Thomas was torching the NBA as a member of the Boston Celtics. Thomas leads the Celtics to the Eastern Conference Finals before sustaining a hip injury in game two. The veteran guard is 32 years old and only played 55 games over the last three NBA seasons.

This morning, a report came out that Thomas was on the verge of signing a contract overseas with CSKA Moscow. However, IT took to Twitter himself to personally deny the rumors.

“No sir not me!!! I will not be going overseas. Wrong Isaiah.”

Isaiah Thomas

The reporter, Keith Smith, has since deleted the initial tweet breaking the news. However, he later responded with another post, inferring that it was actually another basketball player that shared the same name as Thomas but not the former 60th overall draft pick.

“Deleted the tweet about Isaiah Thomas possibly signing with CSKA. It’s not long-time NBA veteran and former Celtic Isaiah Thomas that is under consideration for CSKA (as confirmed by the man himself!) and it was causing confusion.”

Keith Smith

A few weeks back, Thomas worked out for the Los Angeles Lakers in hopes of finally landing back on another NBA team. Mike James and Darren Collison also worked out for the Lakers at that same time.

However, the Lakers turned their attention towards re-signing Rajon Rondo after being traded to the Grizzlies and bought out. Unfortunately, this meant that IT would have to continue his search to make another roster somewhere else in the NBA.

Isaiah Thomas has stated that his ultimate goal isn’t all too high at this stage of his career. All he is hoping for is to have a spot on any roster in the league. His most recent NBA action and his only of the 2021 season was on a 10-day contract for the New Orleans Pelicans.

He played in three games, averaging roughly eight points, two assists, and a rebound in 16 minutes per contest. Hopefully, there is a team out there willing to give Thomas a shot at some point this upcoming NBA season.

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