LA Clippers sign wealthiest rights deal in NBA history for a $1.8b arena development in California

Intuit Dome

The Los Angeles Clippers and Intuit have agreed to a 23-year, $500M naming rights deal for LA’s developing arena. Intuit will pay about $22M to LA annually, making it the wealthiest naming rights deal in NBA history. The following post previews the state-of-the-art arena under construction.

Now named the “Intuit Dome,” the Clippers’ new arena comes closer to reality. It will present an opportunity for the franchise to distinguish itself from its in-city counterpart. Moreover, this deal unofficially declares the Clippers as a mainstay in the LA region for the foreseeable future. The new building will open its doors to the team and its fans in 2024.

The Clippers position in Los Angeles

Having to play second fiddle in your home city is no easy task. For the Clippers, though, they couldn’t have had it worse. Not only did they play in the same city as the LA Lakers they also played in the same building. The two franchises almost differ in every possible way.

The most outstanding discrepancy between the two concerns success. The Lakers have won 16 NBA titles, which ranks them second all-time in league history. However, the Clippers have yet to play in their first NBA finals. It wasn’t until 2021 that the Clippers played in their first Conference Finals. Such differing legacies between these organizations placed the Clippers in an awkward position. They needed to branch away.

The recent developments with the roster are projecting upwards for the Clippers’ future. They have already exacted themselves as legitimate contenders. The new arena should only strengthen their efforts to further legitimize themselves in the eyes of potential fans and the other NBA teams. When the time comes, the Clippers will look to endear themselves to fans in Inglewood, where the new arena will reside. In the meantime, the Clippers will look to reach their first NBA Finals in the upcoming season.

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