Michael Jordan Really Did Prefer Adidas Before He Signed With Nike

Oh, how the current landscape of sneaker company powerhouses would have changed had NBA legend Michael Jordan signed with Adidas over Nike. But, alas, that is not how fate meant it to be.

In the latest episodes of the Michael Jordan documentary, it was revealed that it was his parents that pushed him to sign with Nike.

Had Jordan signed with Adidas, many of the stars today would not be inclined to join Nike as they most probably would not have been the leading company that they are today. Nike developed his brand, and the difference Adidas’ marketing would’ve had is too difficult for the mind to comprehend.

Even NBA legend Kobe Bryant signed with Adidas early in his career but later moved to Nike as well.

It’s crazy to think about how the Jordan brand would fare today under Adidas and how successful it would turn out to be. There‘re so many hypothetical scenarios that could be played out to predict what could’ve come of this industry-changing move.

What would the sneaker landscape be today if Nike hadn’t signed arguably the greatest player of all time? Would Jordan be as successful as he is today? These are some questions that will never be answered.

However, leave your opinion below on what might have happened in the comments below.

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