NBA coaches allowed to continue with casual attire during the 2021-22 season

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - AUGUST 10: Head coach Frank Vogel of the Los Angeles Lakers talks with media during a press conference at Staples Center on August 10, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)
Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

NBA coaches will have permission to wear casual attire while working games on the sidelines for the second straight year. A trend that started inside the NBA Bubble in 2020, the league has decided to carry on with it further.

"NBA coaches will be allowed in 2021-22 to wear casual attire rather than suits during games for the second consecutive season, sources say. The practice started in the Disney World bubble during the league's summer of 2020 restart." Marc Stein

Given that this trend will live on for another year, it seems that this may become the new norm for NBA coaches. At first, the team leaders at hand appeared split on the change. However, this development suggests that more coaches have taken a liking to it. This may be the end of an era of dapper gentlemen in suits

Other changes introduced by the NBA

The Bubble saw the NBA experiment with more than just coaching attire. As far as the on-court product goes, they also introduced a play-in tournament. This mini-tournament played into the league's anti-tanking initiative, incentivizing teams to strive for a shot at playoff contention. Like the coaching attire changes, the play-in tournament carried on in the 2020-21 season and will again this year.

On top of the play-in, the NBA has recently continued discussions on a potential mid-season tournament. Per reports, the goal would involve giving teams a separate award to vie for aside from the Larry O'Brien trophy and generate more revenue. Although, the outlook of how they would integrate this tournament comes off a bit awkward.

Lastly, the league has worked this offseason to improve gameplay in general. The NBA has brought about new rules that'll hopefully reduce foul calls during games. These changes intend to discredit non-basketball moves and allow games to progress without constant breaks in the action.

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