Nuggets fan explains his side of the “Suns in 4” incident

Nuggets fan speaks out his expereince with suns in 4 fan nick mckellar.

The Nuggets fan from the “Suns in 4” incident tries to explain his side of the situation. The altercation between this Nuggets fan and a Suns fan in game three went viral on social media. The Nuggets fan poured beer on the Suns’ fan. He retaliated, held up four fingers, and yelled, “Suns in four.”

Nick McKellar, the Suns’ fan would go on to be right, as Phoenix would go on to sweep Denver in four games. McKellar is now a fan favorite for how he handled the situation and defended himself during the altercation. However, The Nuggets fan explains his side of the situation.

I had a Dos Equis beer. Took a gulp. I didn’t even hear…I aint even listen to what he was saying and then I poured it on him. Actually, before that, I was like yeah shut the f**k up.

When he went to rank my chain he scratched my nose. If you’ve ever been in a fight and you get socked in your nose hard one then you’re gonna have black eyes. I don’t have black eyes. It’s a scratch he scratched my nose and everyone’s acting like I got demolished.

Nuggets Fan

He says he did pour the beer on McKellar, but he says McKellar wasn’t connecting on most of the punches he was throwing.

McKellar joined Barstool Sports to explain his side of the story as well. He said he and other Suns fans were talking trash with other Nuggets fans but all in good spirits. McKellar only retaliated when the Nuggets fan began taunting him before pouring beer on him.

McKellar had this to say regarding the situation.

“These guys are walking past me, and obviously they didn’t think it was funny. Meanwhile, the whole crowd that I made friends with initially they were laughing, having a good time. I wasn’t being annoying. So, these guys were like, ‘You know what, I’m taking offense to this.’”

Suns Fan Nick McKellar

The Nuggets fan doesn’t feel he took a beating from McKellar. However, McKellar did get the last laugh and became an instant fan favorite in Phoenix. He also predicted the outcome of the playoff series in just four simple words.

Everybody in Phoenix is now referring to McKellar as the “Suns in four guy.” Devin Booker even reached out to get this man tickets to the Western Conference Finals. McKellar is in attendance for game one, and Suns’ fans are lining up to get a picture with him.

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