Tyler Herro disappoints in Miami Heat’s first-round exit to the Milwaukee Bucks

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After finishing off the regular season strong, Tyler Herro was underwhelming on-route to a first-round elimination at the hands of the Milwaukee Bucks. The series was disappointing for the Heat, coming off a finals appearance the year prior. Herro struggled and finished the four-game series averaging 7.7 PPG on 28% shooting.

Heading into the post-season, Herro finally looked like he was getting his rhythm back after a season of ups and downs. In his last six games before going into the playoffs, Herro averaged 16.7 PPG, 5.8 RPG, and 3.7 APG while shooting 54.2% from the field and 48.6% from three.

It was only downhill from there. Against the Bucks, Herro made 12 of 38 field goals and 6 of his 19 three-point attempts.

On the defensive end, he also played poorly. While being guarded by Herro, opponents shot 55% overall while being defended by him. Therefore, he was a liability on both sides of the court.

Trade Rumours Surrounding Tyler Herro

During the 2020-2021 regular season, rumors circulated about Herro and James Harden. However, reports said the Heat weren’t willing to include Herro in a trade for Harden. During game 4 of the Heat vs. Bucks series, Shannon Sharpe made remarks about this trade rumor.

“It was reported, Heat were unwilling to include Herro in any trade scenario for Harden. Imagine that?” he continued, “To get Harden, I wouldve included Tyler Herro, Guitar Hero, A SuperHero, and Hogan Hero reruns.”

At the trade deadline, Herro was linked in trade rumors involving Toronto Raptor Kyle Lowry. However, the Miami Heat have been reluctant to give Herro up.

Tyler became a fan-favorite last season due to his impressive play as a rookie and his 2020 NBA Playoffs performance. He showcased his talent by making numerous clutch shots while averaging 16 PPG during Miami’s finals run.

Fans have since lowered their expectations for Herro, though he is still 21 years old and has many seasons ahead of him.

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