Why the Miami Heat Will Emerge as the Real Winners of This Season

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Mar 11, 2020; Miami, Florida, USA; Miami Heat forward Bam Adebayo (13) dunks the ball against the Charlotte Hornets during the second half at American Airlines Arena.

No one knows for sure whether or not the NBA will return this season. Despite this, if this season is canceled, the Miami Heat take this season as a win.

After being stuck in optimistic mediocrity for years, the Miami Heat made some dramatic moves in 2019. Namely, signing Jimmy Butler, which sent the message that the Heatís front office is looking to win now. The expectation from the fans was to finally contend in the Eastern Conference. The Heat did just that.

But there are even more positives from this season. The Heat beat the Bucks twice, and the Sixers three times. Even with their underdog roster, Miami finished as the 4th seed in the East. This success is pleasant, but thereís more about this season that excites Heat fans. Kendrick Nunn being in the Rookie of the Year race at all is a success in itself. Couple Nunnís success with the glimpses we saw of Herro, and you can see how the Heat groomed their young backcourt perfectly.

Bam Adebayoís growth was another win. While fans might have seen it coming, it does not make it any less spectacular. The third-year player became an All-Star for the first time. Bam averaged career highs in most major categories and put up some crazy stat lines.

The Jimmy Butler Experiment Was a Success

Then letís consider how Jimmy Butler has fit in with this team. Butlerís fierce competitive attitude and demand of his teammates are exactly what South Beach loves and needs! Jimmy Butler is a cultural fit in Miami. We were able to see how much having a veteran like him can help with the Heatís young talent. Going into the year most figured that the Heat would be multiple pieces away from a championship-caliber team. However, this season proved otherwise. After seeing Bam and Jimmy work so well together, and with a great supporting cast, the Heat front office should be certain that they are only one strong piece away from the ideal team they want to build.

The Heat are set up to make a great trade, especially given their young assets.

Itís not ideal that the young players on the Heatís roster didnít get any playoff experience. However, the tradeoff is that all players will have enough time to get healthy in time for the new season.

So if this season is canceled the Miami Heat can load up for the 2021 offseason and prove themselves as a destination for star talent again.

Look, of course, the fans lost this season. If itís canceled they wonít be able to see their favorite teams play. But in the Heatís case, the team exceeded expectations this season and are that much more ready to dominate again and hopefully will add more star power to their roster.

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