Charles Barkley ‘Disappointed’ in Those Claiming Steve Nash Hire is White Privilege

Sep 13, 2019; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia 76ers great Charles Barkley speaks at the podium during the unveiling of a statue honoring him in a ceremony at the Philadelphia 76ers Training Complex. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Charles Barkley is “disappointed” with pundits lamenting the hire of Steve Nash as white privilege. On Thursday’s “Inside the NBA,” the Hall of Famer berated those disparaging the move solely because Nash is white, stating that they’re “full of crap.”

Although the Brooklyn Nets hired Nash with zero head coaching experience, Barkley claims that this occurred with former Black players as well.

“I was very disappointed in some of the guys on television today talking about white privilege. Very disappointed,” Barkley exclaimed on TNT’s “Inside the NBA” on Thursday. “They’re like, ‘Well, this doesn’t happen to Black guys.’ And I’m like, ‘It happened to Doc Rivers. It happened to Jason Kidd. It happened to Derek Fisher.'”

Barkley is known for his honesty and ability to call out anybody and everybody. In this case, he’s speaking specifically to ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith.

Smith referred to the hiring of Nash as being predicated on his skin colour. He believes that in today’s climate, it is pertinent that Black people get a fair shake when it comes to positions in sports. Moreover, Nash’s lack of coaching experience made Smith view him as another “exception to the rule.”

Smith is aware that people will repudiate his assertion but stands firm in his beliefs — similar to Barkley. Albeit, he lauds Nash for his basketball brilliance, as well as his Hall-of-Fame resume. He doesn’t believe Nash is the right fit when there is a multitude of qualified Black coaches itching for a chance. Coaches such as Tyronn Lue, Mark Jackson and Sam Cassell.

The former two-time MVP cultivated a strong relationship with Kevin Durant as a player consultant in Golden State. Many believe that to be the driving force behind this surprising hire.

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