Charles Barkley Explains Why He Refuses to be in NBA 2K

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Charles Barkley speaks during the Boys & Girls Clubs of Rutherford County's 32nd Annual Stake & Burger event at MTSU on Tuesday, July 16, 2019. 20 Charles Barkley At Event

Unlike countless other NBA legends, Charles Barkley has surprisingly been left out of the popular video game franchise NBA 2K for each of the past few years. This has caused constant confusion among the game�s millions of annual players.

Barkley finally explained his reasoning for this decision.

Instead of receiving “chump change” for agreeing to be in the game, Barkley said he wants the company to “give the old, retired players a million dollars,” and he’ll be in the game. “Those are the guys that need the money more than me,” Barkley continued.

Barkley went more in-depth into why he feels the older players deserve more compensation, stating, �there�s this misconception that [retired players have] been making a gazillion dollars our whole life.��

Barkley and 2K have been in a stalemate for multiple years, so it�s unlikely that the hall of fame forward gets featured in the video game anytime soon. However, bringing his opinion to a more public stage could lead to a change of heart from the video game company.

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