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Chris Paul Determined To Win A Championship Before Retirement

Chris Paul. D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Paul thinks his career has been fulfilling, with or without a championship. However, he’d still want to win one before he does retire.

Paul Finds Fulfillment With His Career

He sheds some light on whether a championship will affect his perception of his career in the NBA.

His response to Dwyane Wade on The Why with Dwyane Wade podcast is a confident one. Paul is sure that he’s going to win a championship. However, if he hypothetically doesn’t win one before he retires, his legacy and career will still be complete in his eyes.

But he doesn’t see it thanks to his championship mentality, as he finds it unbelievable that he won’t win a ring before he retires.

“Even though I think I’m going to win a championship before I’m done, yes absolutely. I can’t even process not winning a championship, right now. It’s just literally how I’m built.”

Chris Paul

Additionally, he won’t have a problem with his career even if he isn’t crowned an NBA champion. The 12-time All-Star, six-time steal champ, and five-time assist champ is sure that he loves his achievements in his career.

Younger Paul would worry about winning a championship or not. However, life changes, and people grow, even NBA players. The 38-year-old now has more to focus on, including parts of his life like his family and kids.

Furthermore, he’s even more grateful that he’s gone this far into his career while still being able to play.

“I love what I’ve been able to do with my career. Absolutely. I probably was a lot more stressed about that once upon a time, but it’s crazy how things change, life changes. My kids and my family, they extremely important but I don’t know man. Just to still be able to play the game, it’s crazy in year 19. In year 12, something else might have been in my mind.”

Chris Paul

Chris Paul Is Rallying The Golden State Warriors To Another Win

Now, he’s more focused on helping the Golden State Warriors. The team’s been a mess lately, with Stephen Curry struggling and Klay Thompson’s cold streaks worsening. Additionally, Draymond Green’s suspensions weren’t helping.

This seems to point at Thompson and how the forward struggles to grasp how blessed they are in their position. Even the 34-year-old player opened up about how he sometimes forgets his position and how far his career has gone.

“At year 19 now, I’m in the locker room and I’m trying to give my teammates, some of them, trying to tell them about perspective of this and not taking it for granted.”

Chris Paul

His time with Wade on his podcast shined light on Paul’s career and life. Fans found out that Daryl Morey lied to him and how he could’ve joined the Wade and LeBron James-led Miami Heat.

Do you think Paul will help the Warriors win another ring this season?