Draymond Green on NBA fan behavior “What’s it going to take, somebody, getting their a** beat?”

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Draymond Green commented the following in light of unruly fan behavior.

What it�s going to take? Somebody getting their ass kicked, and then they�ll respond.�

Draymond Green

Draymond Green’s response to the NBA media is startling in its truthfulness. The behavior of certain NBA fans during the playoffs was met with widespread condemnation from all NBA circles. In addition to the heinous instances of racial abuse towards players. A Boston Celtics “fan” threw a water bottle adjacent to Kyrie Irving. The water bottle would near-miss the Brooklyn Nets superstars head. This followed a New York Knicks fan spitting on Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young. Numerous other instances also occurred, causing a real problem within the NBA fanbase.

Alongside his criticism of the disgusting behavior shown by the NBA fans. Green subsequently attacked the NBA media for giving infamy to these individuals. Draymond’s comments stated the following during his appearance on “NBA on TNT.” Green’s criticism of the NBA media followed Kevin Durant’s call-out of Jay Williams.

�Not only is there no protection of players, but then you give all these guys face time. They�re on TNT, the same channel that we�re all on every day. They�re on ESPN, and they�re getting their five, 10, 15 seconds of fame. The only punishment is that they cannot come back to the game. Who f�ing cares!?

Draymond Green

Let’s hope the current discourse amongst the NBA fanbase and the players doesn’t go further. Infamously, “The Malice at the Palace” incident brings back memories of fans raising hell.

NBA playoff fan failures

The upcoming YouTube video by HoopsWave shows the NBA Fan incidents being spoken of in this article. Fan behavior like this comes with the return of crowds to NBA games. With the COVID-19 Pandemic entering its waning phase, more restrictions are being lifted. Therefore, more fans can return to NBA Games.

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