Draymond Green Unmotivated by Play-In Tournament Spot

Dec 11, 2019; San Francisco, CA, USA; Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green (23) waits for the free throw during the fourth quarter against the New York Knicks at Chase Center. Mandatory Credit: Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden State Warriors currently sit ninth in the Western Conference, fighting tooth and nail for playoff positioning � or at least a spot in the NBA’s newly implemented Play-In Tournament.

But that doesn’t motivate three-time champion Draymond Green.

“I hate f–ing losing, so when I step on the floor, I want to win. But I’ll be 100 percent honest with you; fighting for a play-in spot does not motivate me. We’re in what, [ninth]? Fighting for a [play-in] spot doesn’t motivate me at all.”

Draymond Green

With the addition of the Play-In Tournament, only the top six seeds in each conference will truly have secured a playoff spot following the conclusion of the regular season. Seeds 7-through-10 will partake in the tournament, with two of them eventually earning a spot in the playoff field.

While it is not the Play-In Tournament that motivates Green, his hatred of losing is enough to get him going.

“I want to win. That’s enough motivation for me, but I’m not going to spend every day like, ‘Man, we’re right on the cusp of that play-in’ � I don’t give a damn about that play-in game,” Green said after Golden State’s 116-109 loss to the Miami Heat on Thursday night. “If that’s where we are, yeah, I’m going to do all I can to win the game. But the play-in situation isn’t going to get me out of my bed like, ‘I got to bust my a– today because we’re fighting for the play-in spot.’ That ain’t going to push me.”

Green is averaging 6.3 points and 8.4 assists per game this season to go along with his signature elite defense. The three-time All-Star also ranks top-8 in the NBA in both assists and steals per game.

Ultimately, as long as Green remains productive on both ends of the floor, the Warriors likely aren’t concerned about what it is that motivates him.

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