Fan Discovers 14-year-old Message From Dwyane Wade

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The 14-year-old message shows a wholesome moment between a fan and Dwyane Wade when the latter was starting to blaze in popularity. The fan’s name is Brandon AnyZesty, and some fans think he fumbled this encounter badly.

Fan Discovers 14-year-old Message From Dwyane Wade. Photo by Brandon AnyZesty/Facebook
Photo by Brandon AnyZesty/Facebook

14-year-old-Message from 27-year-old Wade

The former shooting guard was known for his achievements with the Miami Heat, especially his Finals MVP in 2006. Furthermore, he was also part of the Big Three, which included him, LeBron James, and Chris Bosh.

Apparently, during his rising career in 2009, he wanted to thank a very appreciative fan. From the message, the fan was constantly commenting on his Facebook page.

AnyZesty could’ve even communicated with Wade, as the latter stated, “I may drop a line every now and then to let you know what’s on my mind.”

The former Heat player drops his thoughts on the future of the ’09 season with his plans after a game against Utah.

However, fans will never know if AnyZesty and Wade would’ve become friends since the former had accidentally ghosted him.

Even worse, the fan had apparently gone to the Utah game later in the day. They even commented 14 years ago about how great the seats were.

In an Instagram post by SportsCenter covering his story, Wade himself commented on it. He sadly can neither confirm nor deny the fan’s claim; however, he believes it’s real.

Fans mourn the lost opportunity

Tons of fans feel regret for AnyZesty. They had missed their opportunity to be Wade’s best friend. “One of the biggest fumbles of NBA history,” another user said.

Meanwhile, other fans joke about this dense moment for AnyZesty.

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Sadly, the community will never know if it was the real Dwyane Wade. However, the post has blown up, and there might be a meeting between the former MVP and his adoring fan.

If you were AnyZesty, would you scream at the heavens for the missed opportunity?