Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas calls Lebron James the GOAT

February 15, 2020; Chicago, Illinois, USA; NBA former player Isiah Thomas during NBA All Star Saturday Night at United Center.

More fuel was recently added to the LeBron vs. Jordan debate. On Thursday, Detroit Pistons franchise legend Isiah Thomas tweeted the following:

Thomas is undoubtedly a credible source, but those against this opinion cite his long-standing rivalry with Jordan as a bias source. During Thomas’ playing days, the Pistons-Bulls rivalry took the league by storm. The “Bad Boy Pistons” and the Bulls led by Jordan always put on a show.

Thomas’ Pistons gained a dirty reputation across the NBA as they often resorted to hacking Jordan in games. As the frontman of the ‘Bad Boys,’ Thomas never liked Jordan and his flashy play.

The conflict between the two greats came to an all-time high as Thomas failed to make the 1992 Olympic ‘Dream Team’. While Jordan and the greatest players in the NBA starred in Barcelona that summer, Thomas sat at home.

Later revealed in The Last Dance, Jordan declared his distaste with Thomas and essentially threatened to quit Team USA if Thomas joined. Ultimately, the team didn’t give Thomas a roster spot.

Thirty years after Thomas and Jordan’s initial feuds, it seems the Pistons legend still holds a grudge against his counterpart.

Thomas’ statements add to the GOAT discussion and open up more debate than ever. LeBron himself can fuel the conversation if he can close out game five of the Finals on Friday night.

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