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WATCH: Killian Hayes punches Mo Wagner in the back of the head

Mo Wagner and Killian Hayes altercation. Wagner shoves Hayes; Hayes punches wagner in the back of the head

Things turned for the worse in the Detroit Pistons vs. Orlando Magic matchup when Mo Wagner and Killian Hayes got into an altercation.

As Wagner pursued a loose ball, he shoved Hayes, causing the Pistons player to fly into the Pistons bench. Hayes’ teammate Hamidou Diallo instantly retaliates by shoving Wagner into other Pistons teammates, and Hayes quickly gets up from the shove and retaliates with a punch to the back of Wagner’s head.

Wagner appeared to get knocked unconscious after Hayes’ initial blow. Pistons’ big man Isaiah Stewart and the coaching staff protected Wagner amongst the chaos. Wagner eventually rose up and walked to his side of the bench rubbing the back of his head.

The players involved (Wagner, Hayes, and Diallo) were all ejected.

Usually, the suspension for throwing a punch in the NBA is one game. We’ll see what commissioner Adam Silver has in store for Killian Hayes.

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