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Jalen Green Frustrated With Lack Of Playing Time In Crunch Time

Jalen Green. Justin Ford/Getty Images

Jalen Green is frustrated that the team benches him at pivotal moments. Meanwhile, he’s trying to find his position with the team that’ll work for the Houston Rockets.

Is Jalen Green The Future Franchise Player?

The young guard is one of the Rockets’ candidates to be their franchise cornerstone. However, they have trouble finding the correct position and plays for him.

It’s made clear with Kelly Iko, writer for The Athletic, talking about the 2021 second overall pick.

Regarding the fans’ reception of the player, many think he’s not cut out to be starting five material. However, Iko begs to differ and talks about how the 22-year-old is improving with the Rockets.

“On the whole, Green’s decision-making has improved since last season. Of course, there are still instances where he drives into oncoming traffic and his handle still needs some tightening, but as far as making the right reads the third-year guard has gotten better.”

Kelly Iko

He does try to give the fans the benefit of the doubt by asking head coach Ime Udoka if benching Green was an option. Udoka immediately shut the question down earlier in the season.

“I asked Udoka earlier in the season if he would ever consider moving Green to the bench and he shut the question down. I don’t see it happening with six weeks left in the regular season.”

Kelly Iko

However, the Rockets still haven’t found their footing this season. They’re the 12th seed in the West with a record of 25-33. It makes sense that they’re still testing things out, especially with a relatively young roster compared to other teams in the NBA.

Green’s Frustration With the Rockets

Iko confirms what many in the league point out: Green disappears during pivotal moments. A glaring example is last Friday’s game against the Phoenix Suns.

Green did decently for the first half, putting in three rebounds, three assists, and 11 points with just 13 minutes on the court. However, his performance faltered by the third quarter. He only made one of his four shots while clocking in an assist, a block, and three points.

As such, Udoka benched him for the entirety of the fourth quarter. In turn, this situation frustrated the young player.

“Green’s frustrations this season have been clear. I was in the building last Friday for one of Houston’s more impressive home wins of the season over the Phoenix Suns. Green was glued to the bench for the entire fourth quarter. He didn’t look happy. This isn’t the first, second or third time that he’s not been on the floor in critical moments. It probably won’t be the last, either.”

Kelly Iko

However, he’s trying to find a groove with the team by strategizing with them, which is a good sign.

“I’ve also seen him have several conversations with Şengün, VanVleet and Udoka about in-game schematics and know he wants to find a groove.”

Kelly Iko

Many fans think Green needs to be cut some slack since he’s only three years into the league. However, one can argue that it’s burdening being a potential franchise player.