Jared Dudley on how Team USA’s struggles highlight how the NBA should adopt new rules

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With the NBA season drawing to a close and the Olympics set to begin later this month, international competition has become a point of interest. Particularly, Team USA’s struggles in their first two exhibition games. The United States Men’s Basketball team is 1-2 with losses to Nigeria and Australia, with key factors being the physical style of play and different rules. Some think the NBA could benefit from similar rules, Jared Dudley among them.

Dudley took to Twitter to agree with a fan about the style of the FIBA games.

Couldn’t agree more! NBA should adopt SOME of these rules… Players are manipulating these rules WAY to much!

Jared Dudley

Team USA players have been frustrated with the lack of calls going their way during their two losses. According to Chris Haynes, multiple team members, including Bradley Beal and Jayson Tatum, have not been getting calls they have become accustomed to getting in NBA games. Despite attempting to drawing contact that may be a foul in an NBA game, FIBA allows for more physical defense.

As a result, there is more uninterrupted gameplay and fewer stoppages, which has become an issue for NBA audiences. Dudley and the fan agreed that player manipulation of the rules is a key issue. Additionally, Dudley noted that the NBA needs to make the changes before the refs change the way they officiate.

Coming changes

Fortunately for Dudley, it seems the NBA is already trying to address the issue of rule manipulation and foul-baiting. Shams Charania reported that the NBA is retraining the way refs call fouls. According to Charania, the NBA will implement rules to “limit non-basketball moves that would result in an offensive foul or no-call.” These steps may be what the NBA needs to address officiating concerns.

The rule changes will be effective starting next season. As a result, manipulation of the rules by offensive players should improve. While it may not completely solve the issue, these adjustments may begin to restore consistency to NBA officiating.

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