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Jimmy Butler Channels His Alter Ego For Upcoming Playoffs

Jimmy Butler. NBAE via Getty Images

Jimmy Butler is preparing to decimate the playoffs once again. What many thought to be a fluke turned out to be nearly a yearly tradition for the Miami Heat.

Jimmy Butler Embraces His “Playoff Jimmy” Alter Ego

It doesn’t mean the six-time All-Star shuts his personality off to let another take control. Butler explains to Bleacher Report what his alter ego is.

He jokingly points out that he’s one of the greatest of all time during this time of the year.

“You mean how can I turn into the greatest basketball player in the world all of a sudden? I don’t know man.”

Jimmy Butler

However, he gets more serious in the following conversation and talks about his secret to beating league favorites like the Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks. The secret is that there’s no secret.

Butler explains how he just goes to work, the same as always. However, this is when the Heat put their game face on. Roles get more defined, players get more motivated, and they find their rhythm.

“I’m just different. I think this is when you’re supposed to be playing your best basketball and you have to find a way to get your team to win these games when you’re talking about the playoffs coming around. But even right now, you’re getting everybody into their roles. You’re getting in a rhythm. And with my music, I’m getting in my rhythm. Speaking for myself and everybody else in this locker room, we want to win. That’s our focus.”

Jimmy Butler

Furthermore, Butler shows his wisdom by explaining how he can always do these things. He does hold off on it when it’s not too crucial for the team, like in the middle of the season.

They may lose more games, but they also get to hide their tactics away from the prying eyes of rival coaches and analysts.

“You just keep a couple things in your pocket all year long, and whenever you do it at a certain point of the year, they deem it something else like ‘Playoff Jimmy.’ But it’s just me playing the long game throughout the season. I know that I’m really good at this game, and I know I could do a lot of things well on the basketball court. There are just times when you have to step it up a notch. You can’t show the opponent everything now. You have to always keep people guessing.”

Jimmy Butler

Ultimately, Butler doesn’t care about what the media labels him as. He’s here to play, and he’s here to win. He even calls back to when the world deemed him “Emo Jimmy” for showing up to Heat’s Media Day with an emo haircut.

“Whatever y’all want to call it, ‘Playoff Jimmy,’ or ‘that crazy motherf–ker Emo Jimmy,’ I don’t care. We’re good, man. I just wanna get into the playoffs. That’s it. We get into the playoffs, then we and I can take care of a lot. But I think us as a group, we’re going to be just fine.”

Jimmy Butler

The Heat Surprised The League For Years

There’s a reason why many think Butler has an alter ego for the playoffs. The Heat reached the Conference Finals thrice in the last four years.

Moreover, they climbed to the NBA finals twice in those three Conference Finals appearances. All the while beating opponents many thought were much better than the Heat, such as the Bucks, Philadelphia 76ers, Celtics, and more.

The teams from the East and West look stacked this season. It’s exciting to see how far the Heat can reach.