Jordan Clarkson helps vandalized food truck get a new look

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The World Famous Yum Yum Food Truck, a well-known food truck in northern Utah, was vandalized this past weekend. The graffiti plastered across the side of the vehicle refers to a racial slur. The slur was used to describe incoming Chinese immigrants during the 20th century. Jazz guard Jordan Clarkson, a Filipino-American, voiced his displeasure with the situation concerning the food truck, condemning the hate-inspired act.

After added contributions from Layton’s mayor and some city councilmen, Clarkson and co helped give the vandalized food truck a new look.

Following the news of the food truck’s defacing, owners Ben Pierce and Erin Cotter received a large stream of support from the locals. The pair gave thanks to those who reached out, saying that “all the love is truly overwhelming.”

The food truck owners thanked Jordan Clarkson and all who lent a helping hand in restoring their venue on Facebook. Furthermore, they announced a grand reopening for this Saturday at the Philippine Independence Day celebration.

The local police force has already started to search for those responsible for the hate crime. They’ve posted a $500 reward for info leading to an arrest.

Stop Asian Hate

Earlier this year, a gunman took to multiple Asian-ran spas and levied a series of violent attacks. Eight people died because of his actions. The act was an example of hatred against Asian-American citizens. The NBA and some of its players quickly took to social media, voicing their support in stopping Asian hate.

Blazers guard Damian Lillard became a leading figure in the fight against anti-Asian bigotry. He featured in a short ad advocating against Asian hate.

The rise in hate crimes against Asian-Americans rages on. But athletes like Jordan Clarkson and Damian Lillard stand with the people and push for change. It will take an effort from all of us to see this trend come to an end. For more info and updates, visit

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