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Kevin Durant Wants To Show The World How Dominant NBA Players Are At The Olympics: ‘Like 40, 50-Point Wins’

Eric Gay/AP Kevin Durant poses for a photo with his gold medal during the medal ceremony for basketball game at the 2020 Summer Olympics, Saturday, Aug. 7, 2021, in Tokyo, Japan. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Kevin Durant shows his excitement for the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics. He assures fans that they’re not only going to win but dominate.

Kevin Durant Wants 50-Point Wins this summer

The two-time NBA champion talks about joining Team USA as a full-time player—not just as a veteran who will give advice. Furthermore, in an interview with the Boardroom, he explains his excitement about playing for this year’s Team USA squad at the Olympics.

Meanwhile, the roster for the team seems to be stacked. It includes the likes of Durant, Joel Embiid, Stephen Curry, LeBron James and more.

“I’m trying to play real minutes, I’m trying to be responsible and have a real role and I know that’s going to come for the work I put in practice and all of that stuff, but I’m ready for that and I’m excited about being around that bond and USA brotherhood again, man. It’s unmatched.”

Kevin Durant

He furthers this point by pointing out that many, if not all, who will represent the USA are All-Star caliber players. A whole summer of practices and building chemistry will likely spell the doom for opposing teams in Paris.

Funnily enough, Durant treats it as a slumber party-slash-vacation-tour with his friends.

“When you got All-Stars in the NBA playing on one team for not just a weekend, but for a whole summer. The most fun part of the year is the summertime and you’re traveling around the world basically on tour with some of the best athletes ever.”

Kevin Durant

Not only that, but he’s looking forward to how the dynamic will be. It must be surreal, considering these players usually go against one another, not with each other, during their regular games in the league.

“Interesting in seeing how you work and what makes you, you, because all greats are going to be here.”

Kevin Durant

He’s so confident with the team they have that he wants them to win by a significant margin.

“I want to really make a statement on how dominant our players are. Like 40, 50-point wins. I want to do that.”

Kevin Durant

In Response To Noah Lyles?

Let’s not ignore the elephant in the room. There was massive drama during the start of this season when Noah Lyles called out NBA players for considering themselves “the best players in the world.”

Long story short, NBA players are only confined to the USA, and crowning themselves as the best invalidates other leagues globally.

This caused quite a commotion in the basketball community, dividing it into two sides. Many jumped to defend Lyles and his take, confirming that he’s right in saying the NBA is only for the USA.

However, others point out that many foreign players come to the USA to join the NBA. They have their own leagues, so why not join them?

Thanks to this drama, the eventual clash at the Olympics will be even more interesting for onlookers and players alike.