LeBron James, Embiid and More React to Biden’s Victory

LeBron James meme of Biden blocking Trump

LeBron James and NBA players are reacting to Joe Biden’s victory. The 46th President of the United States is Biden, who won by a landslide. The first-ever elected Vice President is Kamala Harris.

LeBron James has been getting a lot of negative feedback from Trump in previous months. Trump called James a ‘Hater’ and criticized him for being outspoken in early October. In the past week, Trump went as far as to get a crowd to chant LeBron James sucks at a rally. It is a relief for James, who took to Twitter to show how pleased he was for Trump’s loss.

NBA Players React on Twitter

Other NBA players also took to Twitter to express the victory of Biden over Trump.

Joel Embiid tweeted his famous phrase, trust the process.

Kyle Lowry reiterated what players have been urging fans to do, which is vote. The emphasis was on the fact that everybody’s vote counts.

Donovan Mitchell also weighed in on Biden’s victory on Twitter, exclaiming, ‘we did it.’

Draymond Green congratulated LeBron and the Lakers. NBA players refused to visit the Whitehouse during Trump’s presidency, but not anymore.

It is safe to say that the criticism that NBA players were getting from Trump will end. When the NBA resumed in the bubble, players kneeled in protest of the police brutality in America. They kneeled against the oppression of Black people and wore shirts with phrases to support the movement. Trump was displeased by this and even remarked that no one would watch the NBA because of their political stand.

Nonetheless, the victory belongs to Biden and NBA players. The players are hopeful that this will bring change to the country.

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