LeBron James mocks COVID-19 with Spiderman Meme

Spiderman meme from LeBron James making fun of Covid, the common cold, and the flu. The meme is bascailly saying that Covid is a joke and it is the same as getting the flu or cold.

The NBA’s COVID-19 problem has escalated immensely in December. The pandemic has had a resurgence with the revelation of the Omicron variant, and the NBA has felt its wrath. The NBA has seen over a hundred players enter Health and Safety Protocols this month alone. However, LeBron James mocked COVID-19 with a Spiderman meme on his Instagram today.

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers have struggled so far this season, with a sub .500 record, 16-17 on the year. The Lakers are fresh off a 138-110 blowout loss at the hands of the San Antonio Spurs. LeBron James mocks COVID-19 just a day after the Spurs’ rout of LA. The Lakers are one of the most-affected teams by COVID-19. Los Angeles has five players in protocols, alongside their Head Coach Frank Vogel.

Throughout the first six weeks of the season, only 16 players entered into the NBA’s Health and Safety Protocols. There are currently 97 players in protocols that are presently missing from basketball activities. Along with the players are three of the 30 Head Coaches in the NBA’s protocols. The Lakers, mentioned above, Kings, and Bulls are all without their Head Coaches for the time being.

Some people, like Kendrick Perkins, have criticized LeBron for excusing the Lakers’ sub-par performance due to player injuries and Health and Safety Protocols. However, NBA players like Trae Young have commented on the post supporting LeBron. Moreover, even Spiderman: No Way Home actor Jamie Foxx also dropped a comment on the meme.

Also, D’Angelo Russell took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the NBA’s protocol system. He believes that the NBA should ease up and take a similar approach that the NFL has in their own 2020-21 season.

You can keep up to date with all players entering and exiting the NBA’s Health and Safety protocols on our Covid-19 tracker.

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