Lebron James’ new Lakers army headed for the next championship

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - DECEMBER 22: LeBron James #23 of the Los Angeles Lakers reacts after receiving his 2020 NBA championship ring during a ceremony before the opening night game against the Los Angeles Clippers at Staples Center on December 22, 2020 in Los Angeles, California.

The LA Lakers’ new army is bringing Lebron James closer to his next championship ring. With great determination and players by his side, this season will surely be record-breaking. This includes recent additions, many of which are potential Hall of Famers. This new squad comprises previous vets, many of whom are well over the prime NBA player age.

The odds may be in his favor with a new roster of six new players, including three vets. The Lakers are one of the most mature teams in the NBA, with the average player age sitting at 31.8 years old. Nonetheless, age will not be able to stop this team from obtaining another championship, though. With most of the players ahead of their prime phase in the NBA, the determination to win remains strong. People often assume that a player’s athleticism reduces with age, but they gain a lot more experience and ball IQ over the years.

Lebron picks his squad carefully. Known for being a mastermind at running basketball, he pushes his limits and team towards the 2021-22 championship ring. The collection of these players will have a significant impact on the LA Lakers game performance this season.

Lakers Add to the Arsenal

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - AUGUST 10: Russell Westbrook #0 and head coach Frank Vogel of the Los Angeles Lakers pose for a picture during a press conference at Staples Center on August 10, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)
Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

The Lakers have four of eight of the top active players in career points.

  • Lebron James (Shooting guard)
  • Carmelo Anthony (Known for scoring ability)
  • Dwight Howard (Exceptional rebounds and is 7th in all-time fg%)
  • Russel Westbrooke (Most triple-doubles in NBA history)

Along with two other significant players:

  • Rajon Rondo (significant ball IQ, playmaking, and hard passing)
  • Trevor Ariza (top 3-and-D player)

The stats speak for themselves. The numbers speak for themselves after switching from number 23 to number six, obtaining six new players to the squad, and headed towards a fifth and perhaps the sixth championship… the numbers speak for themselves.

The Army in their Prime

The stats for the team follow with labels and titles given to each of the players. The experience on the LA Lakers is abundant, making for tough opponents for other teams.

LeBron James has held the Most Valuable Player award in the 2012-13 season, and standing beside him on the team is Rajon Rondo, an Assists Per Game leader who adds to the IQ and leadership of the Lakers roster. Along with this, Carmelo Anthony, a Points Per Game Leader and a scoring machine from anywhere on the court, will have his presence felt, especially with the Laker’s new roster, which includes the latest addition Deandre Jordan.

Carmelo Anthony and Lebron James were in the same draft class and have been friends for over 17 years. The chemistry they have will add up and spark great offense and defense.

He is known for his defensive IQ and leadership. He ranks first on the list for the leader of field goal points with a .6739 FG%, which will give the LA Lakers the confidence they need.

Dwight Howard is also a strong player known for his slam dunk contest, ecstatic, flashy dunks, and a leader in Rebounds Per Game during 2012-2013.

These stats will add to the Lakers’ arsenal and give rounding experience in many different areas of the game. In addition to Lebron having studied the game down to the wire, will the Lakers be able to pull off another championship?

History repeating itself

During the 2019-20 season, the Lakers won a championship against Miami Heat. That year, the Lakers had Rajon rondo and Dwight Howard. Both these players efficiently add to the reason why the team acquired a championship. Following this season, both players were split and played on separate teams. Rajon played on the LA Clippers, and Dwight Howard played on the Philadelphia 76ers. But as the saying goes, history is repeating itself as the two players come back once again. These former Lakers players are now together for the 2021-22 season on the same team.

Along with a repeat of Howard and Rondo, Trevor Ariza will also appear on the team again. He played for the LA Lakers when they won a championship in 2009 and is familiar with the Lakers organization; this will be the perfect way to take the title. Ariza is also a leading scorer on the mid-right three-point corner of the court. This will significantly increase Game Point Averages with the already high career points that this team has combined.

Headed Towards the Next Championship

Superstar LeBron James changes his number to six after watching the Gladiator. He mentions this on an Instagram post which the player later took down. He explicitly states

“I PROMISE YOU I WILL. Count me out if you want too”

– LeBron James

It Is evident we are getting the same vibe as when Lebron lost his first season to Miami Heat and was looking to win in his second season. He still manages to win two more championships with the Heat following that season. This new number may represent a new type of determination; one will get him at six rings with the number six.

Mar 18, 2014; Cleveland, OH, USA; Miami Heat forward LeBron James (6) stands under the retired jersey numbers of the Cleveland Cavaliers at Quicken Loans Arena. Miami won 100-96. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Time is Ticking

After turning 36 years old and still advancing with solid determination, it’s legendary. Lebron believes he won his third ring against the Golden State Warriors, who went 73-9 during the regular season. This is the best record any season has received. Lebron defeated the warriors after trailing the finals 3-1. He says in an interview on

“I think that right there, that championship made me the best player of all time”

LeBron James

LeBron James has proved enough to put him in a status that makes in the greatest of all time. He is only two rings shy from Michael Jordan, the player many other NBA fans around the globe believe is the best. Even at this age, as an older player, it is possible to even with the average age being over 30. Lastly, many of the Lakers’ players have already won championships before. They know the feeling of a championship, the status; It is addicting.

Reaching New Limits

If Lebron wins this season’s championship, he will have five rings. This will inch him closer to a sixth ring. He says he is the greatest and not one to shy away from a challenge. If James can get a three-peat with the LA Lakers and acquire seven rings, he will pass Michael Jordan in championships. In addition to this, he is currently 3020 points shy of being the NBA’s leading scorer; Ahead of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Nov 20, 2017; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Kareem Abdul Jabbar acknowledges the crowd during a game between the UNLV Runnin' Rebels and the Rice Owls at T-Mobile Arena. Mandatory Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

“I’m excited to see it happen. I don’t see records as personal accomplishments, but more as human achievements. If one person can do something that’s never been done before, that means we all have a shot at doing it. It’s a source of hope and inspiration.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar On “The Stein line”

There are no wide gaps that separate Michael Jordan from LeBron James, even though there are many ways to compare the two players.

While fans worldwide believe that James will not be able to stack up against his rings like MJ, there is no way to say he cannot achieve another one. Even though Jordan may have a 6-0 record in the NBA Finals, James still has four and came up in a much shorter time with four more conference titles than MJ. And, of course, the most significant advantage is that Lebron James is still playing. And he doesn’t seem to be stopping till he gets his GOAT status etched on the courts.

Bringing Home the Ring

Lebron is nearly 20 years into his career now. Starting as a 17 yr old boy on the face of Sports Illustrated, the pressure he has gone through is immaculate. James’ status did not simply show up one day. It was the years of blood, sweat, and tears that gave him the names like “King James,” “The chosen one,” etc. In other words, these names imply that a throne is waiting for him, and he won’t stop till he has reached it.

“I could have been better… it starts with me first. I have to be 10 times better. Our team has to be 10 times better”

LeBron James after losing the 2007 NBA Finals

Lebron is not one to leave unfinished business. Pressure has followed the superstar from a young age, which has evolved the motivation to be the greatest of all time. Fans have witnessed how this pressure put momentum on this player in 2016-17 when he went up against Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors. With a score of 3-0, Lebron quickly picked up his confidence and seriousness to do well and won the championship with a fierce face and unforgettable victory.

One thing is for sure; Whenever people have doubted James, he has come stronger and proved them wrong. People think age will stop this player from attaining two more rings, but really, it will have him working towards it even more.

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