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Mark Cuban On Who’s The Greatest Maverick Ever: ‘Dirk Would Be The First To Tell You Luka Is Better’

The greatest ever to wear a Dallas Mavericks uniform boils down to two names– Dirk Nowitzki and Luka Doncic. However, for team owner Mark Cuban, there is no doubt Doncic already has this in the bag over Nowitzki.

On the Draymond Green show, the Golden State Warriors forward asked Cuban if the Slovenian has a chance to be the greatest Maverick ever. Here’s his response:

No disrespect to Dirk. Dirk knows I love him to death, right? Dirk and I go way, way back. But Dirk would be the first to tell you, Luka is better. 

He could shoot, he’s smart, but you needed to get him the ball. That’s the difference. And that’s part of what’s changed. Like, you need almost have to have a 6’6″, 6’7″, 6’8″ guy who can control the ball and get a shot or get shots for others, because the game is so much faster and so much more skilled, right? 

Whereas before you knew that there would be guarding Dirk, double them, but you just had to get him the ball in one of his spots and let him go to work. The game has changed. You just can’t do that anymore.

Mark Cuban on why Luka Doncic is already better than Dirk Nowitzki

For now, Nowitzki achieved more as a team than Doncic. The German appeared in two NBA Finals and won one ring in 2011. On the other hand, the Slovenian failed to reach the Finals after a Western Conference Finals appearance in 2022.

However, it’s also worth noting that Doncic is just 25. Even though he doesn’t have one MVP award under his belt, he is a four-time All-NBA First Team member. That’s already as many selections as Nowitzki, in only five years.

That said, the hurdle for the former Euroleague MVP is taking the Mavericks to the promised land. Some NBA experts feel he needs to take the “more is less” approach– work off the ball and diversify his attack

Doncic currently leads the league in Usage Rate, so it’s not happening this season. If that doesn’t result in playoff success, maybe Jason Kidd should look for other ways to maximize the team’s talent.