Myles Turner Calls Out Casual Fans: ‘People Don’t View Us as People, We’re Property’

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Myles Turner opened up about his struggles while engaging with NBA fans and their treatment of players. While on the Run Your Race Podcast on Tidal League, Turner discussed how fans oftentimes treat players as property as opposed to treating them as real people.

“People don’t view us as people, we’re property… You get paid millions of dollars, shut up. That’s kind of how the casual fan views us.”

Myles Turner

While not saying that all fans treat players this way, there is no denying that there is an overall disconnect between athletes and fans. This type of discourse is something that expands way beyond basketball as well.

Across all professional leagues, there is oftentimes a disconnect between fans and viewing athletes as normal people. This can also be applied to the treatment that people have with celebrities at large. While sharing his personal experience, Turner hopes to see an improvement going forward.

Over the course of the interview, Turner also elaborated on the struggle of being in trade rumors every season. Turner echoed statements that he is a person before he is ever a player. While being open to basketball discussions, the hope to have respect be the backbone of conversations is something that is essential going forward.

Turner also went on to discuss his name constantly being found in trade rumors across the league. Turner has long been rumored to be traded away from the Pacers for many years.

“Social Media has done wonders for the game but it has also f****d the game too… That trade stuff will really f*** with you.”

Myles Turner

The ability to open up about dealing with life as a professional is something to commend Turner for. However, only time will tell if both fans and players can reach a mutual level of respect.