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Nate Robinson Is Still Furious At Doc Rivers For Allegedly Denying His $1.5 Million Bonus

(061010 Boston, MA) Boston Celtics head Coach Doc Rivers talks with Boston Celtics guard Nate Robinson after his technical foul in the fourth quarter of Game 4 of the NBA Finals at the TD Garden Thursday, June 10, 2010. Staff Photo by Matt Stone (Photo by Matt Stone/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald via Getty Images)

Doc Rivers is not doing so well at the coaching helm for the Milwaukee Bucks, but he may have done something worse to Nate Robinson. 

Appearing on The OGs show, the former three-time Slam Dunk champ described his beef with his former coach. He said Rivers purposely did not play him so he wouldn’t reach the number of games he needed to receive a $1.5 million bonus.

I don’t know what Doc is gonna do now that Doc is there in the Bucks. It seems like he messes up everywhere he goes.

I still got a little beef with Doc. I don’t even wanna tell y’all the story because this is gonna make y’all not like that man anymore. 

I had it in my contract where I could make $2 million, 1.5, something like that, if I played a certain amount of games. Doc Rivers give me a DNP. The game where I needed one more game to get $1.5 million. 

The real n**** in me wanted to go sub in and just sub. I come from the Knicks. I was just playing then I don’t play. That’s a clear sign. Why would he give me a DNP for? I’m not hurt. I’ve never even asked him, but I know he did that s— on purpose.

Nate Robinson on how Doc Rivers denied him of a potential bonus

Robinson did not mention the particular game, but it could be against Cleveland or Toronto in late April 2010. He didn’t bother confirming this to Rivers, so it’s pure speculation. 

That said, the ‘messing up’ part was spot-on. The 62-year-old is currently 17-18 with his new team, losing five of their last six games. Moreover, they are in danger of losing the No. 2 seed to the New York Knicks. Back in February, JJ Redick called out Rivers for his lack of accountability

Robinson struggled with his health recently. He is on dialysis three times a week to clean out toxins in his body because of a damaged kidney. According to the former NBA journeyman, he needed a kidney transplant and could only survive a week or two without a dialysis treatment.