NBA Moves up Restart Date

Houston Rockets guard Russell Westbrook (R) shoots a free throw as teammate James Harden looks on during the National Basketball Association (NBA) Japan Games 2019 pre-season basketball match between the Houston Rockets and Toronto Raptors in Saitama, a northern suburb of Tokyo on October 10, 2019.

Albeit a minor change, Adam Silver has brought the NBA restart one day closer. Instead of a July 31st return date for the NBA, the league is aiming for July 30th. Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN was the one to release this news.

Under the current plan of action, 22 teams will play eight regular-season games in Orlando. The teams will follow their normal opponent schedule unless they match up against a team not in Orlando. In that instance, the team will simply move on to the next team that is.†††

After the regular season, if the ninth seed is four games back of the eighth seed, they will play each other in a double-elimination style game. The eighth seed only needs to win one game in order to advance to the playoffs, while the ninth needs to win both. The league will then continue with its traditional best of seven playoff structure.††

The teams that donít qualify for the playoffs will leave Orlando 35 to 40 days after the start. This will be so the playoffs can begin. Eight teams will leave about two weeks later after being eliminated in the first round. Four teams will be left in Orlando after a maximum of 67 days to play the conference finals. Finally, after 82 days at the most, two teams will remain to play in the finals.

All in all, the NBA restart is on the near horizon.

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