Steve Nash says his family clowned him for hugging Kevin Durant after Game 5

Jan 1, 2021; Brooklyn, New York, USA; Brooklyn Nets head coach Steve Nash talks with small forward Kevin Durant (7) during the third quarter against the Atlanta Hawks at Barclays Center. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Nash’s family clowns him for hugging Kevin Durant after an emotional exchange between the two concluding games five of the playoffs.

“My wife and daughter certainly enjoyed that, they’ve been killing me for the past 15 hours”.

Brooklyn Net’s Coach Steve Nash

The Brooklyn Nets took this game by storm after Kevin Durant’s 49 point game performance. Steve Nash says he wanted to show some appreciation to Durant after coming back with a strong recovery from rehab following his Achilles injury.

Steve Nash, coach of the Brooklyn Nets, is seen hugging superstar Kevin Durant after an exceptional performance in game 5.

Nash speaks out about the hug after the game.

“I know what he puts on the line every night.”

Brooklyn Net’s Coach Steve Nash

There were a lot of emotions going through Steve Nash’s head during that hug. Steve stated that this may have been Durant’s best playoff performance to date. Nash was happy, proud, and grateful as a coach.

The Milwaukee Bucks took games three and four after the Brooklyn Nets got games one and two. This tied both the teams in the lead-up to Game five. This additional pressure on the Nets left Steve Nash with high expectations for his players.

Durant not only reached these expectations but also exceeded them after obtaining a 49 point game performance. This game was almost double his average score of 27 points per game. Nobody could have stopped Steve Nash from such a determined hug like that.

Nash and Durant embracing the photo has been circling on Twitter, Instagram, and other media outlets. The image of the coach seen showing appreciation to one of his most valuable players after a historical performance is one to admire.

This close game finished with a score of 108-114. This means the Brooklyn Nets will be moving on to game six. The team will play against the Bucks, who will have a home-court advantage. If Durant can keep up his performance, the Nets will advance to play in the ECF, leading to an even bigger hug by Coach Steve Nash.

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