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Patrick Beverley Says Every NBA Player Is Expendable In A Trade Involving Victor Wembanyama Other Than These Five Names

Stephen Curry and Victor Wembanyama. Photo courtesy of Merci SF

Will you trade your team’s best player for Victor Wembanyama? For Patrick Beverley, you should, unless you’re one of these five NBA players. In a segment of the Pat Bev Pod, the Milwaukee Bucks guard revealed the players he won’t trade for the seven-foot-five rookie.

Adam Ferrone: Only three NBA players would not get traded for Wemby. The three were Joker (Nikola Jokic), Luka (Doncic), and Giannis (Antetokounmpo). Anybody else you would add to the list?

Patrick Beverley: Steph. 

Adam Ferrone: You don’t think the Warriors would trade Steph for Wemby for the rest of the… I mean, I guess they couldn’t trade him because of what he’s done, but as far as going forward for the rest of his career?

Patrick Beverley: No, I don’t think they would trade Steph. And Bron.

Adam Ferrone: Because of what he’s done and what he means financially…

Patrick Beverley: Yes, and his power. That MF got a lot of power (whistles).

Adam Ferrone: What about guys like Shai and Ant? 

Patrick Beverley: Gone. Gone. 

Adam Ferrone: For Wemby?

Patrick Beverley: Gone.

Patrick Beverley and Adam Rone discussing which players would teams not trade for Victor Wembanyama

In only his first season, the San Antonio Spurs rookie exceeded all lofty expectations. He is a quadruple-double threat and wreaks havoc on defense, laterally and vertically. Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green already anointed him the Defensive Player of the Year, as did The Ringer’s Ryen Russillo. Frankly, the Rookie of the Year award is all but his.

If it’s strictly about basketball and the future, all the aforementioned names are expendable. That said, the NBA is a business, and in businesses, you also have your loyalties. That’s why the Los Angeles Lakers and the Warriors won’t ever consider trading James and Curry for a Wembanyama.

If you’re Rob Pelinka or Mike Dunleavy, would you pull the trigger on a Wembanyama trade?