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Paul George Says He Will Fight Jake Paul With A Year Of Training

Paul George. Denver Post via Getty Images Jake Paul. Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

People criticize Jake Paul and his boxing acumen. But make no mistake, the guy trained for years and is much better than the average person. However, Paul George said he is willing to fight the social media star-turned-pugilist if he has one year of training under his belt.

In the Podcast P show, the Los Angeles Clippers All-Star bantered with his co-hosts over the upcoming fight between Paul and Mike Tyson. At some point, the group discussed the amount of money needed for them to take the bait, and whether George would be interested in fighting Paul down the line.

Paul George: If there is a $5 million bag right now to fight Jake Paul you doing it?

Dallas Rutherford: Facts! Five million just to go out there and fight?

Jackie Long: I would really be an actor. Which way you want me to go? Want me to turn early and knocked down? I got you! Say no more. I’ll come to the whole fight with a fake tooth ready to get flown off, pop out when he hit me. As soon as you hit me I go (spitting), awwwwhhhh! I’m out! Five milli, first round! I’ll fall out in the stands if he want me to.

Paul George: Five million on the table to fight Mike Tyson now.

Jackie Long: I’m not doing it, brother!

Dallas Rutherford: I’d still do it. Yeah, I would just sacrifice myself. 

Jackie Long: As little as I am, if Mike Tyson hit me, I’m gonna come out something wrong with me after that. Brain trauma or something.

Dallas Rutherford: What’s your price to get in the ring with Mike Tyson?

Paul George: It gotta be about $40 mil, $50 mil.

Dallas Rutherford: What about for Jake? Would you fight Jake?

Paul George: If I had a year to train? Yeah, I will fight Jake. Let’s throw it out there. My hands is official.

Dallas Rutherford: Be careful!

The Podcast P crew discussing about fighting Mike Tyson and Jake Paul

George may be six-foot-eight with a six-foot-11 wingspan, but his advantages stop there. Paul turned pro over four years ago, plus years of training. Unless the nine-time NBA All-Star is a boxing prodigy that nobody else knows, it’s going to be a long day. At this point, Paul might even be levels above the 57-year-old Tyson.

That said, the discussion centered primarily around money. Many people don’t care about winning and losing as long as they’re raking in the dough.