Potential “Mash-Up” City Edition Jerseys Leaked For 2021-22 NBA Season

Potential 2021-22 NBA City Edition Jersey Leaked

The NBA playoffs are getting started, and many fans are focused on how their favorite team is doing. At the same time, leaks have given out some valuable information regarding the next NBA season.

Over recent years the NBA has increased intrigue in their jerseys every season. During their partnership with Nike, they’ve added “City Edition” uniforms, as well as “Earned Edition.” It’s becoming quite a big deal when the jersey designs for the next season are released. Thanks to some recent leaks, we can start to guess what next year’s jerseys may look like.

The leaked images appear to show jerseys with a mash-up of themes from each team’s past jerseys. These leaked jerseys would likely be next year’s City Edition uniforms. Nike and the NBA have typically gone with outside-of-the-box designs for these jerseys, so the leaks here would fit right in.

The 2021-22 NBA season will be the League’s 75th anniversary. This gives more credibility to these jersey leaks and the mash-up theme shown. The NBA could be using these designs to commemorate the past 75 years of jersey designs with a modern twist.

These jersey leaks match up with a Suns jersey concept that was leaked back in December by Uniwatch. This further suggests that these leaks may be legitimate. Paul Lukas of Uniwatch also mentioned that the Nike and NBA logo on the uniforms have diamond-like patterns. This ties further into the relationship between the leaked jerseys and the NBA’s 75th anniversary season.

The jersey leaks are receiving a mixed reception on social media. Some fans loved them, others not so much.

It’s important to remember that the beginning of next season is still about 5 months away. The leaks have come from reputable sources on Twitter with a reputable past of leaking jerseys. Despite that, there is no official confirmation surrounding any of these leaks, so all the information should be taken with a grain of salt.

The only jerseys that have been leaked so far are the ones in the image above. We can only speculate on what the other jerseys may look like until new information comes to light. Whether the NBA uses these designs or different ones, expect them to have some special jerseys ready for next season.

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