Scottie Pippen calls out former coach Phil Jackson as racist

13 May 1998: Dennis Rodman #91and Scottie Pippen #33 of the Chicago Bulls listen to head coach Phil Jackson during the game against the Charlotte Hornets at the United Center in Chicago, Illinios. The Bulls defeated the Hornets 93-84. Mandatory Credit: J

Scottie Pippen recently joined the Dan Patrick Show and talked about some of his problems with his former coach Phil Jackson. One exchange on the show leads Scottie Pippen to call Phil Jackson a racist.

This exchange came during a conversation about a famous playoff moment. The Bulls (without Michael Jordan) were playing the Knicks, and the game was tied with 1.8 seconds left. Phil Jackson drew up the play for Toni Kukoc, who ended up hitting the shot at the buzzer, winning the game. Scottie Pippen didn’t like the play and took himself out of the game.

Dan Patrick: “… By calling that a racial move, then you’re calling Phil a racist.”

Scottie Pippen: “I don’t got a problem with that.”

Dan Patrick: “Do you think Phil was? or is?”

Scottie Pippen: “Oh yeah.”

Dan Patrick and Scottie Pippen interview

During an interview with GQ, Pippen addressed the last shot decision by Phil Jackson.

“I thought it was a pretty low blow. I felt like it was an opportunity to give [Kukoc] a rise. It was a racial move to give him a rise.”

Scottie Pippen on Phil Jacksons last second play call

Scottie felt like he had been through it all with this team, and now that Jordan was gone, it was time for him. Phil Jackson disagreed clearly and gave Kukoc (a rookie at the time) the chance.

Interestingly enough, Scottie Pippen had even more, to say on the Dan Patrick Show. You may remember a play where Jordan gave Steve Kerr the last shot in a Finals game against the Jazz. In the huddle, Jordan told Steve Kerr that he would be open and to be ready for the pass.

Scottie Pippen said that this wasn’t as “in the moment” as it seems. He said, “That was planned. That was speaking to the camera” when talking about that moment.

Scottie has had a lot to say, including saying that Kevin Durant has not surpassed LeBron James as the best. He has a book coming soon called “Unguarded,” which will likely give a new perspective compared to “The Last Dance” documentary.

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