Shannon Brown Jailed For Firing Rifle at Couple Entering His House

Shannon Brown Big 3 Press Conference

Former NBA player, Shannon Brown, was reported for shooting a rifle at a couple who entered his house in Georgia. The Citizen reports that the incident occurred on May 2nd. According to the report, the couple saw a ‘for sale’ sign on the property and entered Brown’s house. Brown apparently met the couple by firing five or six rounds as they were leaving.

Tyrone Police Department spokesman, Philip Nelson, said the couple contacted the police at 9:45 P.M. When Brown was questioned about the shooting, he said he thought they were breaking into the property. The couple alleged that the front gate and the front door was open at the ‘for sale’ house. They also apparently heard someone say “come in” after they identified themselves at the property. Officers found one shell casing at the scene in question.

The Cleveland Cavaliers drafted Shannon Brown in 2006; he last played in 2014 with the Miami Heat in the NBA. Brown’s athleticism and dunking ability were his prominent features. He won two Championships at his time with the Los Angeles Lakers. He amassed a net worth of around $8 million throughout his career.

This is not the first time where NBA players have had people entering their houses. In fact, Javale McGee, currently with the Lakers, was a victim of a home burglary according to TMZ sports in September of 2019. McGee lost his Golden State Warriors Championship ring along with $200,000 worth of jewelry and cash. In 2017, former NBA player Charlie Villaneuva also had his house broken into. Similarly, Nick Young, a former NBA player as well, had $100,00 worth of items stolen according to ESPN.

For Brown, it is possibly a case of protecting his property and avoiding similar incidences. Regardless, Brown was arrested for aggravated assault, and the situation in question is ongoing, according to the Tyrone Police Department.

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