Texas personal trainer sues Tristan Thompson for child support

Daily Mail photo of Tristans pregnant personal trainer.

Tristan Thompson will soon become a father to his third child by a third woman. Already a parent to a daughter with Khloe Kardashian and a son with Jordan Craig, Thompson will have expanded his branched-out family with the impending arrival of a second son. Maralee Nichols, a personal trainer from Houston, has filed a paternity lawsuit against Thompson. She looks to receive her due child support compensation from the NBA big man. First dawning the suit this past Summer, Nichols had since moved from Texas to California.

The two parents have presented different versions of events detailing their relationship. Thompson claims that their affair became physical in March during his 30th birthday celebration. This tracks with the time frame of their unborn child’s conception. However, Nichols’ representatives suggest that the pair’s relationship stems from five months prior.

There remains reason to doubt both sides in this case, though, mainly on Thompson’s end. He has grown a reputation for being quite the womanizer, and his repeated counts of infidelity ratify that. That said, the best we could hope for is the safe delivery and upbringing of the child to come.

Tristan Thompson this season

As part of Brad Stevens’ efforts to revamp his Celtics, Tristan Thompson was one of many players to find a new home in the offseason. Tristan Thompson took his talents to Sacramento in a three-way deal between Boston, the Hawks, and the Kings.

Admittedly, the former fourth overall pick hasn’t enjoyed much success since arriving. With career-lows in points and rebounds, his effect on the floor has tapered off a bit. With ten seasons already under his belt, one should expect regression on his part.

As the Kings struggle to build themselves back up, Thompson’s future looms largely. Barring a sudden extension, Tristan Thompson will enter unrestricted free agency in 2022.

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