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Victor Wembanyama Defends Himself From $25K Fine After Throwing Ball At Stands

Mar 31, 2024; San Antonio, Texas, USA; San Antonio Spurs center Victor Wembanyama (1) talks with official John Butler (30) in the second half against the Golden State Warriors at Frost Bank Center. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports

Victor Wembanyama doesn’t see why the NBA fined him for throwing the ball. He understands there’s usually a fine, but he pleads innocence since he only wanted the fans to have the ball.

Should the NBA Not Have Fined Victor Wembanyama?

The 20-year-old claims he had no malice with the ball throw during the San Antonio SpursNew York Knicks game. Instead, he just wanted to make someone’s day.

He wasn’t necessarily surprised by the fine the league slapped on him. Instead, he’s more surprised they saw his intent as malicious enough to fine it. Moreover, he knew it was an issue but didn’t think the NBA’s rules would consider it as he only wanted to improve a fan’s life.

“They say when I threw the ball, I remembered players being fined for this. But they threw it in a bad way, I threw it to make some guys day.”

Victor Wembanyama

Interestingly, this marks the rookie’s first fine in the league. It’s wholesome in a certain way—he incurred the fine for trying to better some fan’s day with the ball.

Mar 29, 2024; San Antonio, Texas, USA; San Antonio Spurs forward Victor Wembanyama (1) and a fan react after an overtime victory over the New York Knicks at Frost Bank Center. Mandatory Credit: Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports
Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

Furthermore, the French big man laughs it off as it’s just a funny situation. Meanwhile, the $25K fine might not even dent the money he’s getting from the Spurs.

“It’s just funny. After that, that’s fine. I threw it to please somebody, it’s not like I’m trying to hurt [anyone].”

Victor Wembanyama

In the end, Wembanyama ended the game with a win, 40 points, 20 rebounds, and seven assists. A fan walked away with the ball. However, the 20-year-old wasn’t the only one who performed great that night.

Would Jalen Brunson Want The Ball Back?

The Knicks point guard scored nearly half the team’s points during that game. Specifically, he clocked in 61 points in an admirable attempt to fend off San Antonio.

Some fans think he deserves to get the ball with how much impact he had that night. However, the video above shows that Brunson doesn’t seem too miffed about the ball throw.

However, this might have been a different conversation if it was Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Do you think Wembanyama deserves the fine?