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Victor Wembanyama Is The Newest Face Of Louis Vuitton

Victor Wembanyama. Image Credit : Stephen Kowalski

Victor Wembanyama and Louis Vuitton. That sounds like a match made in heaven.

According to GQ Sports, the 20-year-old rookie is the newest ambassador of the world-famous French clothing brand. 

“To me, it’s the best. It’s the best partner I can think of. I wanted a meaningful partnership. To me it made a lot of sense to partner with LV—you know, French excellence. The expertise is something that I feel very much attracted to.”

Victor Wembanyama on his partnership with Louis Vuitton

Wembanyama and LV began their unofficial union around the time of the 2023 NBA Draft. Standing at seven-foot-five with shoes, Wembanyama has a hard time looking for clothes and suits that fit. So when June rolled around, he had to enlist Lous Vuitton’s services for the task of making his suit.

From there, he said, “It all came together.”

Besides looking good outside the court, Wembanyama passes the eye test on the court with flying colors. He is already an elite rim protector, recently notching a triple-double with blocks. He is currently leading the league in blocks (3.2 BPG) and gained some buzz as a possible DPOY contender.

In addition, Wembanyama’s other skills are on full display. He is an above-average passer, averaging 3.2 assists per game. On top of that, the rookie phenom is also very introspective, a professed bookworm who’d rather sit down and read than go out and party.

That said, Wembanyama’s road to greatness won’t be an easy one. Even Michael Jordan, as Gregg Popovich reiterated, only won a championship in his seventh season.

Nevertheless, the Spurs have their work cut out for them in terms of adding talent around him. However, according to rumors, San Antonio may go all out and pursue Trae Young in the summer to partner with Wembanyama.

Overall, it will be interesting to see how the French wunderkind transforms the Spurs into a championship contender. For now, the partnership with Louis Vuitton will do.