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Washington Wizards Achieve Longest Win Streak Since 2001

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Washington Wizards forward Davis Bertans (42) celebrates with Wizards forward Anthony Gill (16) and Wizards guard Garrison Mathews (24) after their game against the Cleveland Cavaliers at Capital One Arena.

While an eight-game win streak isn’t a rarity for most NBA teams, it has been for the Washington Wizards. However, with their win over the Cavaliers on Saturday night, the Wizards broke the curse. The Wizards’ current eight-game win streak is the franchise’s longest since 2001.

Bradley Beal finished with a team-high 33 points in the eighth win over the Cavaliers. Russell Westbrook also added 14 points and 11 assists in the win. The start of the win streak included an impressive win over the Utah Jazz. The Wizards have also topped the Pelicans and Steph Curry-led Warriors during their win streak.

The last time the Wizards won 8 consecutive games was in 2001. That team was headlined by Michael Jordan, who joined the Wizards after retiring just three years earlier. Jordan finished that season averaging 22.9 points and 5.2 assists per game.

Wizards Win Streak History

According to Chase Hughes at Yahoo Sports, this is just the 17th time the Wizards have had a winning streak of seven games or more in their 60 year history. 17 win streaks of seven or more games sound like a lot, but it is rather low compared to other teams’ numbers over similar periods of time.

The Wizards are currently one of two franchises in the NBA that have never had a winning streak of 10 games or more. The Orlando Magic’s longest win streak also sits at nine games. All 28 other teams have won at least 10 games or more during their history. Four teams in Washington franchise history have won nine consecutive games. The only Wizards team to do that was the 2001-02 team featuring Jordan. The team also had three Bullet teams achieve win streaks of nine games or more.

The Wizards will look to continue their winning streak with upcoming games against the Spurs, Lakers, and Cavaliers.

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