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Earlier this week, ESPN handed out an indefinite suspension to their top NBA reporter, Adrian Wojnarowski. �Woj� as we know him by, is famous for his twitter page, which is often first to drop the latest NBA breaking news.�

The suspension comes in light of an email exchange between Woj and Josh Hawley, a state senator for Missouri. 

Sen. Hawley had emailed Woj to inform him of a letter he had sent to NBA commissioner Adam Silver. Hawley had criticized the NBA for its lack of support for law enforcement and the military.

Since the George Floyd protests, the NBA has been especially outspoken in its support of both the Black Lives Matter movement and other social justice issues. 

Sen. Josh Hawley clearly took a huge issue to this. Reportedly, the Senator is upset that the NBA was permitting many social justice messages for display on jerseys but not messages in support of law enforcement.�

In his email to Woj, Hawley expressed his anger with the NBA�s course of action. 

Woj fired back the now-infamous 2-word email reply. 

Since the news broke that Woj was suspended, the reaction has been astronomical. Both the NBA community and twitter as a whole are giving their unanimous support. In fact, the hashtag, �FreeWoj� hit the No. 1 trending in the US.�

Many have asserted that all Woj did was stand up to a racist politician. This shines a light on ESPN, revealing them as the real villain.

Thankfully for Woj, he has the widespread support of the internet. If ESPN doesn�t reinstate him soon, they could face serious consequences. The online community has serious power when they come together. Right now, they are extremely united on this subject matter.

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