Woman who got hit by Christian Wood’s pass is upset about his laughing emoji and wants a direct apology

Woman hit by basketball during game by Christian Wood upset about laughing emoji on apology post.

On Monday, December 27, 2021, the Houston Rockets were in Charlotte, taking on the Hornets. In the closing minutes of the second quarter, Christian Wood fired an errant pass that went into stands. The ball inadvertently made direct contact with a fan’s head as they made their way around the arena. However, now the woman who got hit by Wood’s pass demands an apology for his response.

After Isabella Fitz gathers herself after the hit, she appears to tell some of the arena staff that she’s okay. However, Fitz later found herself in the emergency room. She stated that she had a concussion and a hairline fracture in her cheekbone from the basketball. Her doctor even directed her to stay home from work to recover for three weeks.

“There definitely was a laugh there from the announcer” … “[Christian Wood] put the laughing emoji and said ‘happens to the best of us.'”

Isabella Fitz

The reporter asked Fitz if she believed the comments were appropriate, and Fitz swiftly proclaimed they were not. Despite Christian Wood offering free game tickets to Fitz for inadvertently harming her, she still wants a direct apology from him. Furthermore, It is unclear whether or not Wood has reached out to her personally.

Some NBA fans may remember another time when an unlucky fan found themselves in the wrong end of a wild pass. Coincidentally, this event took place in Charlotte’s home arena, too. It occurred in a contest between the Hornets and the visiting Sacramento Kings in March 2015.

Lance Stephenson attempted to kick the ball out to Gerald Henderson in the corner. However, the pass was slightly high, and the ball went a few rows behind the Hornets’ bench. Unfortunately, the woman who got hit was distracted by the person next to her showing something on their phone and couldn’t react to the basketball.

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